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Welcome to Iconic Home Solutions! We are a team of real estate investors specializing in helping homeowners find creative solutions to their real estate problems.

Real Estate Cold Caller

Iconic Home Solutions is looking for an excellent real estate closer. This is acquisitions role is the important backbone of the company. We require a person who is highly organized, effective in English communication, and is sales-driven.

We are a real estate investment company with proven systems. We are looking for outgoing candidates with proven track records.



Other details:

We offer a competitive, above-average training in creative offers (subject to, seller finance, etc., in addition to cash offers) Most cold callers are limited to just cash offers, having memorized scripts. Many real estate investment companies have moved away from cash offers to acquire properties. Also, cold callers with this limited knowledge are easily replaceable with other candidates. For virtual assistants to remain valuable and irreplaceable, they need to know more than just cash offer scripts. 

We offer a 2-week training in creative offers. Minimum $900 USD/month salary and upwards after successful completion of training. Training is unpaid, and will be paid out after 1 month of guaranteed permanent placement. Salary subject to increase post 60-day probationary period. Commitment is 30+ hours a week. Role is performance-based. All team members are expected to meet weekly metrics. Training is in-depth with sales, negotiation, and creative offers. It is intentionally designed to transform standard real estate virtual assistants into highly sought after, money making real estate lead generators. Only those who are serious about real estate investing and making money should apply. 

Application process:

To apply for the position, you must know how to read instructions: Please send your resume and a voice recording as to why you should be hired to: 

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